Dess Dior has provided an update on how she's feeling after testing positive for COVID-19, telling her fans that she has some of the most documented symptoms, including a loss of taste and pressure in her eyes. However, she wants people to know that she's expecting to recover fully, issuing a promising statement this week.

Following her performance at Rolling Loud last weekend, Dess Dior revealed that she tested positive for COVID. She's been recovering at her home and she expects to be better soon, telling fans, "I got pressure on my eyes a little bit, not as bad as it was. I’m not nauseous like I was. I couldn’t hold down anything. I’m starting to eat a little more. I did lose my taste. But it could be worse and the best part about it is, I’m not dying... I’m not on my deathbed so thank you guys for your prayers, thank you for the remedies, but I will be fine. I can’t wait until this is over, hopefully, it’s over soon."

Hopefully, she's right and it's nothing serious. Dess hasn't revealed whether she was vaccinated against COVID or not, but with this Delta variant, even some vaccinated folks are reporting that they're catching COVID. Stay safe out there and if you went to Rolling Loud last weekend (or you're going to Lollapalooza this weekend), make sure to get tested before and after. Don't go anywhere if you're feeling sick.

Rich Fury/Getty Images