We all know what the number one show in late night is and it isn't Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon. Desus & Mero became one of the strongest late night duos with their hilarious takes on current affairs. Over the years, they went from entertaining people on Twitter with their hilarious banter to landing an online show at Complex which parlayed into a late night show on Viceland. Unfortunately, for those of you who've been tuning in every night, the show is reportedly coming to an end this summer.

According to Deadline, Desus Nice and The Kid Mero are planning to end their daily late night show at Viceland following this current season. At this point, it's unsure where they'll be heading afterwards but rumor has it that they might land a deal with Showtime for a possible weekly show. The report says both Desus and Mero told staff about their departure yesterday. The show's final episode is reportedly airing on June 28th. 

Viceland reportedly tried to keep the duo with a new deal. However, they say the duo found another opportunity that they felt they couldn't turned down. Both reps for Viceland and Showtime have yet to comment.

Along with their daily late-night show, the comedic duo also have an excellent podcast under the name, Bodega Boys.