One of the biggest stories from yesterday stemmed from DJ Envy storming out of his own interview with Desus & Mero on The Breakfast Club. Envy started off the interview already heated, introducing his guests with profane-laced insults before instantly grilling them about comments they have made in the past about his family. The Breakfast Club co-host claimed that he wanted an apology and, to Desus & Mero's credit, they did apologize. However, the offering of regret was not enough for the radio host as he walked off the set entirely shortly after the talk began. Desus & Mero took to their own platform on Viceland last night to respond to the situation, and they did not disappoint.

Desus Nice and The Kid Mero stepped into The Breakfast Club to promote their upcoming tour but they were immediately ambushed, as they put it, saying that they were met with "nothing but light skin feelings." The pair plays back the clip while giving their brand of commentary over it, critiquing Envy's childish name-calling and laughing about Mero's initial reactions. The comedians continue to clown Envy over the incident, cackling throughout the segment as they go in relentlessly on Envy.

What were your thoughts on DJ Envy's Breakfast Club walk-out? Do you think it was staged for publicity like Ebro alluded to? Check out Desus & Mero's full response below.