Desus & Mero have to come to grips with Tristan Thompson's infidelities, as they have many hot-button issues in their own time. As you might have heard, Tristan Thompson is back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons: yet another cheating scandal which has taken precedence over his uninspired NBA career of late.

This time around, Tristan Thompson's alleged infidelities may be hitting too close to home, as the woman that he is suspected of nesting with happens to be one of  Kylie Jenner's best friends, Jordyn Woods. I don't have to remind you of the degree of proximity with which Kylie is related to Tristan Thompson's spouse Khloe Kardashian.

Even amongst cheaters, Thompson has committed an all-time low. But don't say that to Desus, who will uphold his Jamaican brethren at any cost. As fate would have it, a field reporter repping "The Blast" cornered the comedic duo as they exited a meeting, with Desus ready to "don one's part" for the Jamaican Exodus.

"Jamaican men are the most faithful men in the entire world," Desus explained, as he and Mero willingly entertained the reporter's rapid fire questions. "Mainstream media is trying to denigrate us during Black History Month."

But that's as far as the comedic would go without a clipboard in their hands. Desus & Mero wisely sidestepped the reporter's question regarding the Jussie Smollet fiasco - choosing instead to plug the cable network debut of their longstanding talk show, premiering tonight at 11 pm on Showtime.