As North Americans eagerly anticipate the arrival of Detective Pikachu for the Nintendo 3DS, a new English language trailer has been released to satiate gamers appetites.

The trailer hints at the essential dilemma within the game, which will revolve around Detective Pikachu joining forces with a young Tim Goodman in order to search for his father who has gone mysteriously missing. Throughout their quest, the two stumble upon a plethora of Pokémon characters who will help the two in their search, while also solving mysteries around Ryme City.

The game will effectively predate the theatrical adaptation that is slated for release on May 10, 2019. The cast of this cinematic undertaking includes Ryan Reynolds and Rita Ora, and is being produced by Universal Pictures and Legendary Entertainment. The film will be realized using state-of-the-art motion capture, and aims to follow the narrative established in its more compact, video game version. 

While Reynolds will assume the role as Detective Pikachu, fans who had read initial reports of the film's potential cast were left notably disappointed when Danny DeVito was not secured as the film's main protagonist. The project was reportedly green-lit with the former Batman villain in mind, but has since shifted to Reynolds, who has assumed the role ever since.