Though many Pokemon fans have long awaited a live-action film rendition of the beloved series, few could have expected Detective Pikachu. Borrowing from the Deadpool formula of throwing as much Ryan Reynolds into the mix as humanly possible, the upcoming film features Reynolds in the titular role. Though decidedly less risqué than the Merc With The Mouth, Pikachu appears to be a wise-ass of a milder nature, consistently busting the balls of his human sidekick Tim.

Now, with the film set to drop on May 10th, another TV spot has been released. While largely rehashing footage from the original reveal trailer, Detective Pikachu's newest teaser does provide a closer look at Mewtwo, who was previously revealed in the full-length trailer. Though his appearance is brief, it would appear that Mewtwo's origins as a scientific breakthrough will remain intact, likewise will his steely gaze. See for yourself by checking out the official teaser trailer below.

While some may have "outgrown" the series, it's likely that Detective Pikachu will prove a box office success, capitalizing on a shared love for nostalgia. Anybody who can remember copping either Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue likely has fond memories of the series, and may very well come out the woodwork to see the Pocket Monsters realized like never before. By the way, if you used your Master Ball on Mewtwo, hold this L.