Before taking 22 year old Dedrick D. Williams into custody, the Broward County Sheriff's Dept had been investigating Soldier Kidd for his complicity in the shooting. We've all seen the clues, a firearm next to his dinner plate, the inconspicuous red mask in his Instagram post, and also his general proximity to the crime. Law Enforcement has been adamantly relying on two speculative channels: the surveillance footage from the scene, and a myriad of conspiracies originating on the Web. Their investigation has led them to believe Dedrick D. Williams is one of two assailants, no word on whether the other persons of interests have been taken off the docket.

The antics of Soldier Kidd and Soldier Jojo drew the attention of law enforcement. It's no secret that Police use burner accounts to monitor divulgent activity on the web. Police are said to have even visited the Hook Fish & Chicken restaurant where Soldier Kidd pinned his location seven minutes from where XXXTentacion was killed. Upon entering, they asked the owners of the establishment for surveillance footage, so they could compare the physical makeup of the suspects in the first video. All things considered, it's safe to say they saw something which directed their search elsewhere, leading to the arrest of Dedrick D. Williams at 6 am.

[via TMZ]