Detroit rapper Selfmade Kash, best known for his 2018 project Bins & Bitcoins, was just charged with four counts of wire fraud after the Feds caught him bragging about his exploits on the World Wide Web. Click on Detroit is reporting that Selfmade incriminated himself by posting about his "swiping" skills on a public platform.

Law enforcement officials claim Selfmade Kash posted several photos and videos of himself holding large swaths of cash, in an effort to promote his debit fraud side hustle. Court documents obtained by Click on Detroit also indicates that he used hashtags to streamline the whole operation, which is likely where his exploits took a wrong turn.

Before long, the Feds pieced the whole operation, once they found his matching footprints across numerous hashtags, including #Bins, #Bitcoins, #cvv, #dumpswithpin, #ScamLikely, and #swipegoat." As I mentioned before, Selfmade resorted to naming the most important musical project in his catalog after the "skimming" operation. Maybe not the brightest idea in the world, would you say?

The following are transaction records the Feds compiled after piecing together the matching elements. Notice how all the deposits are addressed to the "James Green." 

Dec. 20, 2017: MoneyGram payment of $400 to "James Green."
Jan. 6, 2018: MoneyGram payment of $600 to "James Green."
Jan. 21, 2018: MoneyGram payment of $400 to "James Green."
May 1, 2018: MoneyGram payment of $500 to "James Green."

Selfmade Kash née Jonathan Woods with an additional count of aggravated identity theft. He must also surrender all the funds he stole in the operation before the full penalty is assessed.