Devin Booker had a phenomenal run in the NBA bubble as his Phoenix Suns cruised to an 8-0 record. Unfortunately, the team was already in a massive hole when the seeding round started, which meant they had to rely on other teams performing poorly. With Damian Lillard and the Blazers getting hot at the same time, Booker and company were eventually booted from the bubble, and now, the Suns' star is enjoying his free time.

According to TMZ, Booker was spotted out and about with Kendall Jenner at Nobu on Saturday night. In fact, Kendall's sister Kylie was there as well. For those who don't know, relationship rumors have been circulating for a while now in relation to Jenner and Booker, so this latest dinner only helps perpetuate what some have already assumed.

Not to mention, the two have been openly flirting with each other on Instagram as of late, which has thrown NBA fans into a tizzy. Some Suns fans seem to think Kendall is some kind of curse, although Booker's recent play certainly puts an end to that theory.

While enjoying a date with Kendall Jenner is probably nice, we're sure Booker would rather be in the playoffs right now with his Suns. Life just isn't fair sometimes.