Kobe Bryant was tragically killed in a helicopter accident alongside his daughter and seven others back in January. It was a terrible tragedy that took everyone by surprise. Six months later, NBA players and fans are still mourning the death of a legend who had a hand in inspiring an entire generation of basketball players. Some of the biggest stars in the NBA right now were directly influenced by Kobe and throughout the past few months, they have been making sure to honor the star.

One of the players who has been embracing Kobe's spirit while in the NBA bubble is none other than Devin Booker who has been nothing short of incredible thus far. Recently, Booker wore a Kobe Bryant Lakers shirt during a media scrum and when asked about it, he spoke directly on just how much Kobe was able to dictate the course of his career.

“Kobe’s with me every day. You guys see what I put on my shoes with the ‘Be Legendary.’ It’s a reminder," Booker said.

While Kobe might not be here anymore, there is no denying that his impact will last forever. If he could see what Booker is doing with the Suns right now, he would certainly be proud.