Devin Cannady has been an inspirational story to many as his ascent into the NBA ranks was never guaranteed. His improbable rise to fame has been documented by fans and Magic supporters have grown to love what he brings to the team. Unfortunately, Cannady experienced a devastating injury last night as he landed awkwardly on his ankle, leading to a gruesome scene that featured blood pooling on the floor. His teammates showed immediate concern, including Mo Bamba who covered Cannady's ankle with his jersey.

Now, the Magic have given an update on Cannady, confirming that the player won't be able to return this season although he can make a full recovery. Based on the report, his ligaments and bone are all intact and now, he will have to wear a plaster splint until further notice.

Immediately following the injury, Cannady had to get surgery on his ankle in order to clean out any initial impact that was sustained. Considering the gruesome nature of the injury, it shouldn't be surprising that surgery was immediately necessary.

You never want to see a player go down in this fashion although it was great to see his teammates support him in such a proud manner. We wish him nothing but the best throughout the recovery process.