Her father may be an award-winning, platinum-selling artist and businessman, but that doesn't mean that Deyjah Harris wants to live off of the fruits of his successes. The 18-year-old is growing into her own and has been more vocal in recent months as she speaks openly about her past as well as last year's "Hymengate" that caused a rift between her and her father T.I. With that controversy behind them, Deyjah Harris is moving forward, and she recently shared with the public that she is financially independent because she doesn't want to rely on her parents.

Over the weekend, Deyjah engaged in a Q&A session with fans on YouTube and answered questions from the public. “I think y’all feel as though, ‘Oh, she has this, she has that,’ and first of all, let me just go ahead and say this: I make my own money. I don’t feel comfortable asking my father for anything. I don’t feel comfortable asking my mother for anything. I like to have my own things. I just like to be independent, basically. I don’t want to have to go ask somebody for something that I can kind of do on my own or get on my own.”

Deyjah has certainly been making a few moves on her own, including being a Fashion Nova partner for some time. We'll have to wait and see what else she has in store. Check out the video of her Q&A session below.