It looks like Dez Bryant wants the smoke with youtube sensation Jake Paul. On Tuesday, the former Cowboys wide receiver reached out to Jake’s older brother Logan Paul over Twitter DM to offer his congratulations following this weekend’s big fight in England, or at least that’s what he thought he did. Instead, Dez accidentally DM’d Jake (and not Logan). Jake wasn’t pleased with the mishap and tried to shade Dez in the process.

After receiving his congratulations, Jake responded by making fun of Dez’s absence from the NFL, saying no team wants him nor does he want any smoke with him. “Dez Bryant don’t want the smoke💨 & no team wants Dez Bryant!! GO BROWNS!!” Jake wrote while sharing ta screenshot of the DM’s.

Well shortly after the tweet, Dez caught wind of the loose lips and responded perfectly by saying Jake could get the smoke any day. “Idk why the dude got salty...I thought I was following is brother to tell him congratulations on the fight and I realized it it wasn’t him ... I guess he called himself trying to clown..we can get in the boxing ring tho if he want smoke 💨 😂” he wrote.

A simple mistake by Dez turned into Jake Paul acting tough, but we all know what the outcome of that fight would be.

Check out the serious of tweets (below).