Dez Bryant made his triumphant return to football last season as he played for the Baltimore Ravens. Bryant was able to put up some admirable stats and even scored a few touchdowns. In the end, Bryant demonstrated that he can still make an impact and that if your team needs some depth at wide receiver, then he is one of the best options out there.

Recently, TMZ caught up with Bryant where they asked him where he would like to go next. Bryant noted that he would be up for a Cowboys reunion if possible, however, he would really love to go play for the Arizona Cardinals, who are looking to be quite stacked heading into next season.

"I think that would be dope being next to my boy D Hop, Christian Kirk, Kyler Murray," Bryant said. "I think they have a dope offense. I feel like they got a dope defense. I think they got a dope coach ... If I had to choose, yeah, if that opportunity presented itself, I think I would take it."

NFL free agency is in full swing right now and for now, Bryant remains on the market. He is a player with a ton of upside and there is no doubt that he will be getting phone calls sooner rather than later.

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Dez Bryant

Will Newton/Getty Images