We've had a few days to cool down from the initial high of finally seeing what Drake's son looks like but now, we're worked up for a whole other reason. 

As you surely know by now, Drake shared a whole bunch of family pictures on Instagram this week, allowing his son Adonis to make his grand social media debut in style. The rapper's baby mama Sophie Brussaux, a painter in France, joked about her son's bright blonde hair by editing both her and Drake's hair to match Adonis'. That Photoshop job was clear. However, according to the hosts of the Flagrant 2 Podcast, Drake may have done a few extra touch-ups himself.

Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh were decked out in their COVID-19 protective gear for a new podcast episode this week and one of the main topics they discussed was the baby photos of Adonis that Drake finally felt compelled to share. While Sophie Brussaux's edits were obvious, Drake allegedly made his arms and Sophie's breasts larger in the original photo, which Schulz and Singh point out.

Although it has not been confirmed that Drake tried to make himself seem buffer than he actually is, and his girl bustier than she actually is, the side-by-side comparison may speak for itself.

Do you agree with Schulz and Singh or are they imagining the differences? Compare the blonde and brown hair photos in the galleries above and listen to the episode below, where their discussion begins at the 1:35:00 mark.