Jace, signed to Mike Will's Ear Drummers, would first like to say: "i'm just sayin." Last Thursday (April 23), the member of both Two-9 and Retro Su$h! tweeted out two videos of old recordings that sound very familiar. He first takes us into his Macbook and shows us a song called "Mortal Kombat" that dates back to last July. He then presses play and we hear the "6 God" beat from Drake's If You're Reading This Its Too Late. We only hear about 15 seconds of Jace's version, though he soon made his message clear, tweeting: "real 6ix god boy."

Then, "more shots." Jace shows us another song, this time called "Ain't No Tellin," that he made two years ago. As expected, it's the same beat from Drake's "No Tellin." His final words on the matter: "im not salty. like i said... im just saying." 

On IYRTITL, the "6 God" beat is attributed to Boi-1da and SykSense, the latter of whom is a member of The Fam with fellow Nashville producer Ducko Mcfli, a close collaborator of Jace and Two-9. Syk and Boi-1da also produced Two-9's "Check At," put out by the LA Leakers in January. "No Tellin" is attributed to Boi-1da and Toronto producer Frank Dukes, so no telling how that ended up in Jace's hands. 

This is not the first time Drizzy's been accused of stealing beats. Is there foul play here? 

See all of Jace's tweets below.