Lil Uzi Vert and Future have always had a solid working relationship. They've worked together on songs like "Wassup" and "Seven Million," proving that their in-studio chemistry is high. Apparently, they've forged quite the friendship over the years too.

Overnight, a couple of strange tweets popped up on Future's account, shortly after the rapper cryptically shaded his baby mama Eliza Reign

"Outer Space Bih," he said before seemingly revealing his true identity. "Is luh Uzi Vert. Baby Pluto Smarter than u."

Lil Uzi Vert Future
Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

Were the two rappers together in the studio when Lil Uzi Vert decided to play a prank on Future, stealing his phone and sending off some tweets in private? Or did Future get so high that he legitimately thought he was the Philadelphia rapper for a moment? Anything is possible.

All signs are pointing to a friendly hack though. Of course, the admission that "is luh Uzi Vert" pretty gives that away. However, he also uses one of his nicknames, Baby Pluto, in the third tweet. Considering the fact that Future is known simply as Pluto, the connection makes sense.

What do you think was happening on his Twitter last night? Did Uzi manage to find his password or did Big Fewtch just forget his own identity for a minute?