Nicki Minaj sparked some intense pregnancy rumors (what else is new?) by sharing a new picture on her social media pages from the "Trollz" video. In the photo, she keeps her midsection slightly covered but fans are pointing out what looks to be a baby bump. Minaj is generally bombarded with pregnancy rumors but, this time around, the public just may be on to something.

The superstar rapper's official DJ might have just confirmed the recent speculation that Nicki Minaj is expecting a baby. 

Nicki Minaj pregnant
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

On the picture in question, nearly all of the comments are congratulating the star for the positive news, which she has not addressed. DJ Boof might have done that for her though.

"Am I still deejaying the baby shower," he asked. Considering his ties to the Queen of Rap, this may be the closest thing to a confirmation that we'll get.

Do you think Mrs. Minaj is pregnant? Or is this just another case of the gossip getting too hot for the world to handle.

Nicki has been in the news all morning because of her collaboration with Tekashi 6ix9ine. They released the controversial rapper's second single post-prison, also marking one of the rare occasions we get to hear Minaj spit these days.