It's been rumored for weeks but this is the closest we've gotten to a confirmation from either side. Wiz Khalifa has been spending a lot of time with model Winnie Harlow over the course of a few months and they've been spotted getting pretty comfortable on more than one occasion. As the rumor mill continues to turn with speculation rising on the legitimacy of their relationship, this looks to be the nearest we've been to one of the two outwardly revealing that they're dating. Uploading a new photo to her Instagram story, Winnie posed on the ground and her necklace seemed a touch familiar.

Wiz has been wearing his "Cam" chain for a minute as his real name is Cameron but fans were quick to spot the neckpiece hanging on Winnie's chest in her latest photos. At this point, she's basically confirming what we all know: that the two are a couple. However, if she's just wearing his chain to egg on the rumors, it's a pretty genius ploy because, well, we're writing this story right now. Amber Rose even made reference to the two spending time together, welcoming Winnie to the family and accepting her as Bash's potential step-mother.

Winnie Harlow has spoken out very publically about her experience with vitiligo, a disease affecting pigment cells in the skin. Perhaps Wiz and Winnie are just very close friends but something about this new development makes it seem like they're definitely more than that.