For more than a year, Florida rap sensation YNW Melly has been behind bars as he awaits trial for double murder charges. The star has maintained his innocence ever since turning himself in, and he has remained positive despite facing the death penalty. His legal representatives previously stated that they believe there's a good chance he will be coming home soon and, in leaked jail phone calls, he seems confident that he'll find freedom soon. After sharing a cryptic post containing Friday's date, many of his fans are speculating on what could be happening, with his release from jail being the leading presumption.

YNW Melly Jail Release Date
Broward's Sheriff's Office via Getty Images

Writing out "3/13" in a new Instagram post and changing his avatar on the platform to the same thing, YNW Melly may have just quietly told the world that he's getting out of jail this week. Or, at least that's what people are reading this as. The upload is incredibly cryptic and it could very well just be the release date for one of his new songs. Alternatively, he could be getting the people hyped for no particular reason at all. All things considered, the troubled 20-year-old may be getting released in a matter of days and that's pretty exciting for hip-hop fans.

Do you hope that's the case? Are you on team #FreeMelly?