Diddy and Cassie were known to form one of the most stylish high-profile couples of the Hip Hop community. The pair had been together for over a decade and many of their fans idolized them before they split up. The news of about their ruptured connection was met with mixed emotions from the public. While there were reports of the music mogul dating a new woman, an insider had said the man was still single. Either way, it seems like Diddy might be regretting the dissolution of his longterm relationship.

He is reaching out to Cassie through social media with a Michael Jackson song entitled "Lady In My Life." 

"If anyone sees @cassie this weekend please tell her to listen to this song 100 times! ❤️ LOVE"

The song is considered a classic serenade. Here's an excerpt of the lyrics:

So listen to my heart
Lay your body close to mine
Let me fill you with my dreams
I can make you feel alright
And baby through the years
Gonna love you more each day
So I promise you tonight
That you'll always be the lady in my life

Cassie is said to be working on her own music as well as her acting career so she might not have time to indulge Diddy with this request.