Craig Mack will remain an enigma to rap fans who bore witness to his singular style in the mid-90s. Those who took in "Flava In Ya Ear" and the memorable remixed that ensued, readily understand the hype surrounding his Bad Boy debut.

Sadly, Craig Mack passed away last year kind of unexpectedly, both because the heart failure he suffered seemed like an accident, secondly because Craig Mack kind of vanished from public view well before news of his passing hit the scene, hence the enigmatic undertones. Diddy was the individual who likely believed in him to the highest degree. That's why on the anniversary of Mack's passing, Sean "Puffy" Combs jumped on Instagram to let off a touching tribute. "We love you and miss you Craig," wrote Diddy, before reminding us that it's "BAD BOY 4 LIFE."

By no coincidence, a new documentary directed by photojournalist Andrew Theodorakis will touch on the subject rapper's death, as well as the enigmatic disappearing act he produced sometime before. When God Comes will focus on the timeline of events beginning with his disappearance, which led to him joining a cult in South Carolina.

There's no doubt Mack's Bad Boy debut helped propel the label into new territory, even with Biggie in the conversation. Diddy knows this first hand. There's a hope Theodorakis' documentary will be handled delicately because Craig Mack's legacy is very much deserving of a nudge or two, and perhaps the answer to our questions surrounding his drop-off.