In the last year, Cassie Ventura has levelled up so hard that fans feel they have no choice but to support her. The singer had spent the last decade in a romantic union with Diddy and after spending her twenties with the rap mogul, she realized that their bond was no longer advancing before deciding to leave Combs for her new personal trainer fiancé Alex Fine. The two have moved quickly, reportedly copping a marriage license last week and announcing their intentions to get married yesterday. With Cassie also expecting a baby, social media has completely erupted and is ripping Diddy to shreds for not putting a ring on it when he had the chance.

Diddy and Cassie were together for such a long time that fans just assumed they'd remain a couple until the end of their lives. As we all know now, that simply was not the case. As many are pointing out this summer, Cassie seemingly finessed the legend into bringing her along with him to enjoy his lavish life for ten years before realizing it was her time to get out and start a family. With Hot Girl Summer still in full effect, some have even crowned her the winner of the battle.

With Diddy reportedly dating his son's ex-girlfriend Lori Harvey, Twitter's opinionated minds had a lot to say about where both artists in the former relationship currently stand. Check out some of the craziest reactions below.