As America waits on news of whether or not the U.S. government will give $600 handouts to qualified citizens, Diddy is taking matters into his own hands. The multi-millionaire was filmed on the streets of Miami with his Sean Combs Foundation entourage as he handed out $50 bills to the swarming crowd of hundreds of people. In the video, Diddy is seen maskless, yet wearing a face shield and gloves, and people lined up to receive money from the Bad Boy mogul.

The rap icon personally greeted everyone waiting in line, including children, and gave them cash, but he wasn't the only person handing out money. Members of his crew were also gifting people with $20 bills and it looked as if some went home with upwards of $100. Additionally, it's reported that Publix supermarket partnered with Diddy for the massive event and helped to give away gift cards hygiene products to those in need.

"Diddy's charitable foundation is also working with music festival and nightlife organizer Michael Gardner and the local group Teens Exercising Extraordinary Success to provide rental assistance for 175 families," reports NBC Miami. Press play below to watch Diddy and Co. giving back to the community during what has proven to be a difficult time for many.