Young Thug is a musical astronaut. He's an alien in the sense that his sound is unlike anybody else making music right now -- except for those trying to mimic him. There are thousands of aspiring rappers out there rocking dresses and going for that "Harambe" flow but, unfortunately, only one man can confidently wear the crown and that's Thugger himself. If we're being completely honest, there's a very strong chance that Jeffery was indeed the first man on the moon. There have been several controversies reported about Neil Armstrong's legitimate status as the first person to walk the big ball of cheese in the sky but, much like in our history books at school, Diddy is planning to rewrite that narrative.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

When one Twitter user claimed that white people have been rewriting history for years, Diddy took the idea and had so much fun with it (pun fully intended.) "Imma tell my grandkids this is Neil Armstrong," reposted the rap mogul with a photo of Thugger wearing a dapper astronaut suit. It wouldn't be too farfetched if the Atlanta rapper did actually take a trip to space. After all, his galactical sounds kind of belong in a different universe. He would probably have all the aliens turning up too.

Are you down with this? Can we officially add this to the books?