Diddy AKA Love was invited on The Late Late Show with James Corden to host a rap battle. Ashton Kutcher was matched against the TV host. While both received coaching from the show's producer, Corden seemed to pack the most punch.

"You invested all your money in technology and apps. Hell, I'd do the same if I didn't know how to act." Ashton Hit back by comparing Corden to a Donald Trump/Kim Jong Ill love-child. Ashton's bars fell short and the host was declared the rap battle winner for the first time ever. Diddy qualified the battle as “one of the closest battles in The Late Late Show history” as he declared the winner surpassing the loser by “only half a point.” That's a lot of history-making in a few minutes.

When all three celebs sat down together after the battle, Diddy recounts his first interaction with Kutcher, way back when he was working on Making The Band. Apparently, the Punk'd TV show host was planning to ambush Diddy and he was having none of it. According to Ashton, he was met with threats, as opposed to the friendly request Diddy supposedly made over the phone. This was said in jest, but it might still bear some truth. You be the judge.

They also spoke of the best party Diddy ever threw. Beyonce and Trump are mentioned.

 Watch both clips below.