Days after penning a signed letter to Pusha T comparing Daytona to the musical masterpieces of our era, Diddy stepped out on the town with Drake. On surface, this would seem like betrayal, but that's all part of the game is it not. The letter of praise to Pusha T exists in a vacuum, it's not as if him and Drake don't have several hundred acquaintances in common. It's just that, the letter and the socializing at STORY Nightclub in South Beach were only hours apart, and it feels like odd timing. Of course, Drake isn't going to stop beating his chest, and nor should Diddy. Let's not make the mistake of sensationalizing this triangular relationship.

Drake was already getting it popping with MigosBusta Rhymes, Le'Veon Bell, Rudy Gay and Lance Stephenson before entered the fray at STORY nightclub, a few hours after dropping his "Duppy Freestyle" which took aim at Pusha T and his creative consort Kanye West. TMZ obtained images of the star studded event which you can view here. I have a hard time believing Pusha T would take offence to Diddy partying with his nemesis after accepting all those compliments, but he's been petty in the past. If you recall, his beef with Weezy was ignited after he took offence to rapper "copying" his signature Bape style.