Diddy blessed the spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in a segment that aired last night. Not only did Kimmel endorse Diddy as a future president, but he said he'd even sign up to be his running mate. Unfortunately Diddy has no inkling towards holding a senatorial seat or the big oval chair, and if it came to push and shove: he'd pass on the opportunity to socialize with current POTUS Donald J. Trump.

Diddy simply wants to keep up his current itinerary. Kimmel advised him that Trump swung and missed on his Vodka launch in 2005, yet still became president elect, so in theory Diddy could do one better could he not? The logic Kimmel posed is fraught to begin with, but 20th and 21st century venture capitalism has overshadowed the decisive message of several incumbent presidents, many of whom were told to pack their bags after only one "semester" on the job.

Kimmel asked Diddy if he'd become envious of the relationship Kanye had developed with Donald Trump, and the Bad Boy mogul responded, "Nah I'm Good," without giving the thought too much consternation. Diddy went to add:

"No, I wouldn't make a good president, I wouldn't really pass any of the things that you have to pass, but I guess Trump did it... But no, I like doing what I'm doing. I don't know if I could be responsible for the whole country."

For the time being, Diddy will have to contend with maintaining his standard of "black excellency," a notion implicit to those who've seen him rise from the ashes 30 years ago.