The feud between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly may be the hottest thing in the hip-hop world right now but a sub-story from that has been the revisitation of Joe Budden's malice towards Eminem. The two have not gotten along for years and Budden continues to comment on Shady's activity on his podcast. He may attempt to be an unbiased man but when it comes to heated situations like these, his true feelings shine through. At the end of "Killshot," Em makes a claim that the day MGK puts out a hit will be the same day Diddyadmits he put a hit out on Tupac's life. Obviously, Diddy has not publicly commented on that exact matter but he did hop on the phone with Joe Budden to tell him everything was under control.

What he means by that can be interpreted a million different ways but on his latest podcast, Budden said that Puffy told him privately that "it's in his hands." The line in question was pretty bold and was bound to include some repercussions. You can't just accuse somebody of putting a hit on a man and expect nothing in return. Whatever Diddy has planned should be interesting to keep an eye on.

Check out the video below where Budden reveals the news and mocks Bizarre for his involvement in the feud.