Diddy always keeps in 100 whether he is prompted by external sources or feels the inclination to share his ideas with the public. His latest Instagram posts demonstrate his unapologetic attitude when it comes to his being proud of his heritage. He recently shared a black and white clip that can be summed up by his all-caps caption, "I LOVE BEING BLACK."

"I love being black [...] I wouldn't wanna be white. No disrespect, but I love being black"

He punctuates his statement with an unbothered "I said what I said" type of facial expression. The clip was lifted from a 2006 production entitled Black and White: A Portrait of Sean Combs. The 22-minute documentary short film offered the public an intimate view of Diddy's mind.

For those who follow the industry icon on social media, this message doesn't come as a surprise. A little while ago, when many were celebrating France's FIFA World Cup Win, Diddy took the time to post up for his people. He shared a couple of posts that pointed out the European country's hypocrisy when it comes to their attitudes towards immigration. Unlike 50 Cent, who deleted a post that seemed to reflect a similar message, Diddy's FIFA uploads remain untouched on his IG page.