Dawn Richard of Making The Band's Danity Kane has come forward with some frightful allegations about her time with Diddy. In an interview with Wild Wayne Unchained podcast, Richard admitted that Diddy is a genius but there was a dark side to his brilliance. She said that Diddy would say things like, 'You're not worth it," and 'You're going home.'

puffy danity kane dawn richard abuse
Julien M. Hekimian/Getty Images

“He would literally do it every day,” Dawn recalled. “And I would be so stressed out I lost [weight], I was so skinny and my dad was stressed out. I heard they were calling my dad like ‘How do we get them out of this?’ They were asking Puff for a lot of money to get me out of the contract.”

The insults got word with Richards detailing how Diddy attempted to have them "toughen up."

“He would bring us in the room and say, ‘You’re ugly. You gotta fix your face.’ Wild stuff. But he was preparing us for what the industry would be,” she said. “But if we would have done what we did in this time, Puff would have been crucified. Because you can’t talk to women now — like the levels of what he was saying, it was aggressive. It was really aggressive. It was crazy.”

“The last time before he picked the band he made me change twelve times,” she added. “I just knew I was going home, the reason why he made me change was going to pick me the whole time but he made me feel like s*** and be stressed out because he wanted to see if I’d be off my game.”

Peep the full interview below.