A gift from music mogul Diddy would be a treat for anyone, especially when it's packaged from longstanding luxury label Chanel. That ended up being the reality for mainstream R&B's current hitmaker Summer Walker, who recently received a bag from the French fashion house by way of Puff that included a note filled with more love than legibility. 

diddy summer walker chanel gift handwriting
Image: Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Now listen, we know Diddy has a history with Chanel that goes back farther than that time he pulled up looking extra fresh at the 2005 MET Gala (seen above) that specifically featured a "House Of Chanel" theme for the night. With that said, was there no one at double C's that could've wrote the note for him in a more "eloquent" typography?  On the real though, Diddy's handwriting looks like, well, as Moesha actor Marcus Paulk put it while commenting on The Shade Room, "look like he was given her name location out to the police on 48 hours," or like another commenter says, "it’s giving kindergarten."

For those that can't make out what he was trying to write, the note reads, "To Summer 1 of My Greatest Voices EVER Thank You Love Diddy," accompanied by the brand's Wool Tweed & Gold-Tone Metal Large Tote in purple, black and blue out of the Métiers d'Art 2019/20 collection. For those wondering, yes it costs a pretty penny at just under $5,000 USD, and yes it's more than likely sold out. We guess when you give good presents, who cares what the gift note looks like anyway. Basically what we're trying to say is, Diddy may not have good penmanship but at least he's got good taste!

Check out Diddy's Chanel-themed chicken scratch note to Summer Walker below, and let us know what you think his handwriting looks like — all in good fun, of course: