While we know that Diddy is known for his inspirational videos (we previously did a roundup of some of his best ones) his Instagram feed as of late has been filled with even more affirmations and quotes to live by. His most popular one lately, that's gotten endless retweets, was his simple words that read: "Anything that costs you your peace of mind is too expensive..."

The Bad Boys mogul has now shared a video that sees him literally kicking away negative vibes that he seemingly encounters on a weekly basis. We're talking drama, bad vibes, fake friends, depression, failure, negativity, heartbreak and bad habits. 

"POSITIVE VIBES ONLY!!!!!!" the "Last Night" music maker captioned the video. 

"Sometimes you think your purpose is one thing...but life is ever changing. There's levels to this shit, but you gotta redesign and clarify your purpose," Diddy previously stated in yet another deep video.

"I had to take a little bit of time off, you know, 2018 was crazy. I took a lot of L's and that's life you know what I'm sayin'. Can't no money or whatever it is stop you from 'catchin' one."