Milan Fashion Week is currently underway in Italy, adding yet another chapter to the history of this glorious event that often attracts A-list celebrities from around the work. Hip-hop has already been well-represented there over the past week, with 2 Chainz debuting a new project he's got in the works with Versace, all the details for which you can scope out here. Yesterday, another rap mogul shared some social media love for his son in what was a proud dad moment at the vaunted Milan event.

Diddy, a man who, over the years, has staked his claim towards the title of rap's most fashionable personality, posted a picture of his son, Christian Combs, walking the runway for Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week. Dressed in a jacket and matching pants that befit a man whose nickname is "King," Combs looked every bit the part of someone who wears the term "black excellence" well. His dad seems to think so too. Check out both of Diddy's posts below.

Not one to let a good deed go unnoticed, Christian promptly gave his pops a shout-out on Twitter, showing of their fans that he appreciates the love and support he gets from his legendary father figure. You can view the response below.

It's not just the good looks that run in the family either. Diddy presided over his son's signing to the Bad Boy Records name, hopefully carrying the torch for many years to come on the rap music front. The bonus: he'll undoubtedly look good while doing it.