After a mispronounced name led to hurt feelings, South African hip-hop group Die Antwoord and Eminem found themselves at odds. After Antwoord's hit Em with an insulting video during last year's Revival campaign, Em returned the favor by hitting Ninja and Yolandi Visser with a few jabs on Kamikaze track "Greatest." Em clowns on Ninja, implying he let his ex-wife Visser "get fucked by Muggs," of course referring to the legendary Cypress Hill DJ. While the barb may lose potency given that Visser and Muggs have a history together, it remains a shot nevertheless.

Now, Eminem continues to catch jabs from those he scorned. Following a heated tirade from Joe Budden, who essentially put him on blast for nearly an hour, Die Antwoord has served up some comparatively lighthearted fare. "¥O-LANDI’S not my girl bra," raps Ninja, while Yo-Landi hypes him up from the couch, "she’s just my best friend who loves me, and everybody knows VI$$Y datedMUGGZY, mad respect 2 my brother MUGGS, EM you slipping, you used 2 rap better on drugz." 

He saves the funniest line for afterward, as he raps "motherfucker I'm old and I'm ugly, but these kidz don't give a fuck coz they love me, we bred these kids EM they ain't giving no fucks, but they not feeling your rhymes or your botox." Peep Die Antwoord's response below.