Valentine's Day is upon us, and while some may cross their arms and dub the "holiday" a shameless celebration of capitalist consumerism, those people are probably spending it alone anyway. For the others, love will soon be in the air, and maybe that special person in your life is getting tired of the traditional gifts. Roses? Did it last year. Chocolates? Did it last year. But what about Lil Xan themed apparel - because nothing says "I Love You" like "really miss my mistress" sweaters.

As of today, the "Betrayed" rapper has officially launched a line of Valentine's Day apparel, which feature a range of sweaters, hoodies, long sleeve t-shirts, and dad hats. The collection, which was inspired by Xan's "Betrayed," features some classic Valentine's Day staples, including chocolates, hearts, and Cupids. The majority of the collection is available in pink, white, and black. It's a good look for Xan, who has managed to pull himself out of the "meme rapper" purgatory, proving there's more too him than a controversial moniker. 

If you're looking to purchase some of the "Xanarchy" Valentine's Day collection, you can head over Xan's website here. The full collection becomes available for purchase 6 p.m. EST, or 3 p.m. PST. In other Xan news, the rapper has recently changed his stage name to Diego; his situation is kind of reminiscent of Rich Chigga, who changed his name to Rich Brian after deciding to take his artistry more seriously.

Check out a few images of the collection below - if you want the full gallery, head over to Xanarchy Gang