We're currently in the midst of witnessing a Moneybagg Yo takeover, one that has been inching its way towards peak pop culture status over the past couple of years. The unassuming may have thought that Bagg's relationship with Megan Thee Stallion had already accomplished this feat, but it's simply not true. The rapper has since gone on to become constant IG fodder thanks to an even more powerful and limelight-approved relationship with Ariana Fletcher, while his name is creeping into household territory, you know, the kind your mom might soon be cognizant of, if only for the memes. And this says nothing of his music. 

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Photo by Cam Kirk

The music, of course, is how come Moneybagg Yo has been able to build himself such a solid foundation. The rapper persisted in an underground space for so long, and he's proved himself there, with a series of unrelenting mixtapes. It's this consistency by which we know Moneybagg Yo, at least when it comes to hip-hop space-- we expect a certain quality of output from Bagg, we expect a non-skippable album, and some sort of raw delivery-- even if the rapper doesn't actually get the recognition he deserves for it. With a new album on the way, and a new single, "Hard for the Next," featuring Future, Moneybagg is poised to remedy this, and what's more, solidify his own influence and impact in the game at the same time. 

We're excited to watch it all unfold, and on that note, we hopped on the Zoom to tap in with him for our brand new digital cover. Click the link below to read. 

Words By: Aron A.

Photos By: Cam Kirk