Dion Waiters has become one of the biggest NBA memes of the year thanks to the recent revelation that he had a panic attack after taking too many THC-infused gummies on a Miami Heat team flight. This eventually led to a social media firestorm and a 10-game suspension without pay. Prior to this incident, Waiters was already in bad standing with the team due to poor conduct on social media. 

In a report from Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, it has become apparent that the Heat are extremely upset with Waiters and it could mean that his time with the franchise has come to an end. While this may be the case, there is still time for both sides to mend fences.

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Per Jackson:

"I’m told that the door has not definitively been closed on a Waiters return, but it would take a lot for Waiters to earn the trust needed to return. He would need to be contrite and do absolutely everything right for the Heat to consider playing him again. An injury to a perimeter player could certainly create a path to playing.

Could the Heat never play him again? That’s absolutely a possibility. But they have not made that decision as of this point."

Considering Waiters' career could be in jeopardy, it wouldn't be surprising to see him completely turn over a new leaf and get himself together. At this point, there is too much money on the line.