Dion Waiters experienced NBA glory last night as he won an NBA championship as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. Waiters had spent most of the season with the Miami Heat although he barely got to play as he violated numerous team rules, prior to being traded in the Andre Iguodala deal. Of course, these suspensions started with Waiters having an adverse reaction to some THC-infused gummies on a team flight. From there, he was suspended again after posting a photo while on a boat, despite telling the team he was sick and couldn't go to practice.

After his big win last night, Waiters decided to take to Instagram Live where he spoke about everything he has been through this season. He even took some shots at the Heat, noting that he felt like the franchise tried to do irreparable damage to him.

“They [Heat] tried to bury me. The suspensions and all. They tried to bury me. I didn’t even do nothin. Look at me now,” Waiters said. The Lakers player continued his rant saying "Nobody can take that from me! I'm Champ Cheese, Philly Cheese. This sh*t is for Philly. Y'all should be happy for me... My lifestyle is amazing."

Regardless of what Waiters went through at the beginning of the season, he is now an NBA champion, while the Heat go home empty-handed. In the end, it was Waiters who got the last laugh.