Diplo woke up to murmurs of an underhanded maneuver. Hours prior to him paying notice, Dame Dash posted a rousing message to Kanye West, where he promised to send Kanye West a 14-year old Diplo beat, as a sign of encouragement. Diplo, the rightful proprietor of the record, wasn't CC'd into the Twitter discussion, nor was Dame complacent in citing his sourced material, thereby giving off the impression that the song was his, to begin with. Diplo was evidently not too pleased with the discord.

"I'ma send you this beat," Dash says in the video. "I’m in the studio n****, making motherfucking records, and I got more, so just let me know. You have to respect my creativity in this motherfucker. I’m only telling you this to get you hyped over this shit. I'ma email this shit to you. Let this shit get your mind right."

The video message was then acknowledged by Kanye himself, reposted on Twitter, of his own accord, Diplo still left out cold. By this point, Diplo felt he had little recourse but to bring the matter right to their attention, Kanye and Dame, later providing anecdotal evidence in the form of a media file.

The song at the center of Dame's "misplaced agenda" is "Sarah" from Diplo's 2004 debut Florida. While he's had to defend accusations of cultural appropriation in the past, Diplo rarely had to contend with a situation of the like, with the roles somewhat reversed. The "antagonism" will likely be swept under the rug, in a day or two, once the bitterness washes over.