We hear about rap beef pretty frequently, especially nowadays. The recent beef between Pusha T and Drake reached a level of savagery that has been unseen in recent times, and seems to have encouraged others to bring their beefs back as well, including EDM producers. 

Diplo and Zedd, two famous EDM DJ's have been going back and forth for the past few years, criticizing each other's music. But today, their beef has started again, and Diplo is threatening to go just as hard as Pusha T did on Drake when he dropped "The Story of Adidon."

It all started when Moldovan DJ Max Vangeli went off on Diplo for refusing to acknowledge him after he flew all the way to Hong Kong just to support him at a show. After calling him a "clown bitch" and saying he had a "Herpy dick," Zedd came through in the replies to agree with Max's statement.

This totally set Diplo off. Posting a picture proving that Zedd had blocked him on Twitter, Diplo made his threats.

"I'm gonna give @Zedd 24 hours to delete his Twitter account or im going full Pusha T on him," he said.

It hasn't been 24 hours yet, but Diplo is already starting his offensive, which so far amounts to memes. These include an Avengers meme and a picture of Zedd in a mouse suit which Diplo refers to as, "The Story of Zeddidon."

So far Diplo hasn't yet come close to the levels of hurt that Pusha inflicted on Drake. He better come through with an insulting EDM banger if he wants this beef to be taken seriously.