Diplo is facing two big lawsuits that are threatening to destroy his career. The DJ was first sued by Shelly Auguste for sexual battery, and then he was sued by a friend of hers not long after for a similar offense. The controversy has rattled the DJ's ability to get work. Most recently, the Orioles announced that they have canceled Diplo’s postgame concert slated for July 24 at Camden Yards.

“The Orioles will not hold the upcoming postgame performance on July 24 at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Fans who purchased field passes with game tickets to the Diplo concert on July 24 will receive a refund,” the team said in a statement.

Auguste has a history with Diplo. The DJ sued her for stalking and revenge porn, before she countered and sued for sexual battery. Auguste claims Diplo groomed her from 17 years old and manipulated her into losing her virginity to him several years later. She also claims Diplo gave her an STI. Diplo's attorney, Bryan Freedman, said at the time, "As has already been made clear in the restraining order we obtained against this individual, she has repeatedly stalked, defamed, threatened, and attempted to shake down [Diplo] and his family." 

Diplo's show at Oriole Park was part of the organization's Birdland Summer Music Series. Admission to the show was included in the price of the game ticket, however, on-field passes were $25. Automatic refunds are being issued to those who purchased on-field passes.