Kylie Jenner's Christmas gift to the world was a short film that displayed much of her naked body. There's a particularly scintillating shower scene that finds Kylie drenched in a see-through white T-shirt. It's so hot that most guys have forgiven Tyga for his sudden intrusion into the scene. The clip was a collaborative effort between Kylie and Ukrainian director Sasha Samsonova, who has worked frequently with the 19-year-old superstar. Speaking to Complex, Samsonova talked about the inspiration behind the film, her admiration for Kylie's talent, and the "beautiful energy" her client shares with Tyga. 

“We have an amazing connection where I totally understand her and she understands me,” Samsonova said of her creative relationship with Kylie, “and she can contribute to my work just as much as I can contribute to hers.” "Honestly, she’s so beautiful and it’s so natural for her to be in the shot, it doesn’t take me too much work for me to make everything look great,” she said of the lack of post-production work that went into the film. 

Samsonova also addressed critics who might be uncomfortable with Kylie's onscreen nudity.

"But for me, it’s not about the nudity," she explained. "It’s about what this image makes you feel. For a moment, I wish people could just forget who they’re looking at and what they’re looking for and just connect with an image and be like, ‘Oh, this image actually makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable. And how is that exciting? How is that enticing?’ That’s why this film exists, to make you feel something.” 

Watch the film below and tell us what you feel in the comments. 

The song that plays during the video is Niia's "Last Night in Los Feliz." Niia also spoke to Complex and said, "What she's [Samsonova] done with Kylie is just mindblowing." "You kinda see a different look with her [Kylie], especially with this video," said the singer. "It is far more intimate." 

And though Kylie's relationship with Tyga has been the source of many unsavory headlines, Samsonova has only good things to say about the couple. "They have a genuine, beautiful energy,” she said. “I’ve never heard anything that was not nice. It’s just amazing, positive energy. That’s the world I’ve experienced with them.”