Dirk Nowitzki is in no rush to call it quits - the iconic Dallas Mavericks' forward still gets a kick out of his job, every facet of it, even the daily grind of practice. Now that worthy successor has been chosen, that being rookie phenom Luka Doncic, Dirk can rest easy knowing the franchise he loves is in good hands. 

On Wednesday night, Dirk Nowitzki was recognized by the real estate governing "the franchise he loves," as Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings awarded him the highest honor at the municipal level: the Key to the City. In Mayor Rawlings made his commencement speech, he recounted the night Dallas voters elected him to the office, coincidentally the night of his birthday party. It so happens, both Dirk and Rawlings upped the cups at the very same club that night, giving rise to a friendship which has lasted ever since.

"The night I got elected mayor, it was his birthday party and we ended up at the same club," Rawlings recounted. Before he could continue his diatribe Nowitzki interjected by yelling, "That was lit." 

Rawlings eventually relented and offered Dirk the ceremonial key promised to him.

Next stop: The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. The bus is certainly moving in that direction.