No matter what way you look at it, Dirk Nowitzki is an NBA legend who will most certainly be going to the Hall of Fame one day. After a storied 21-year career with an NBA title to match, Nowitzki has earned the right to take it easy and just live his best life. Nowitzki is coming off the final season of his career where he was simply a fraction of his formal self. Injuries, aches, and pains finally caught up to Dirk although he toughed it out anyway and gave us all a final season to remember. Now that it's all over, Nowitzki is content with giving himself a bit of a break and letting himself go.

During an appearance on Dallas radio show Ben & Skin of 105.3 The Fan, Nowitzki joked that he hasn't exactly been keeping up with his diet and workout regiment. Honestly, we don't blame him.

Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

“I’ve had ice cream almost every day, I’ve tried some suits on and they don’t fit,” Nowitzki said. “I’m probably about 15 pounds [heavier] plus.”

The Mavericks legend also explained that he's glad his career is over as he was in a lot of pain during the final stretch of this season. Considering everything he contributed to the game, it's hard to be mad at him for wanting to call it quits.