Kevin Spacey resurfaced and surprised a lot of folks on Monday when he showed up to the pretrial for his groping case. The shamed actor appeared in a Massachusetts courthouse to attend pretrial which will include a review of the evidence Spacey's legal team has attempted to acquire from the prosecution. Such evidence currently consists of cellphone data from the alleged victim. Moreover, Spacey's attorney affirmed that the prosecution had access to the phone records for roughly two weeks near the end of 2017 and failed to disclose so. Now, Spacey's lawyer claims the action was done on purpose because the prosecution is hiding something. 

Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Additionally, Spacey's legal team claims that certain messages were deleted from the phone altogether and that such evidence made reference to the proclaimed victim's "frat boy" tendencies. The disgraced actor's lawyer alleges that important messages and screenshots which could hurt the prosecution's case were purposely wiped out. The pretrial stems from an accusation of sexual assault which came forward a few years ago. A series of other accusations and claims were made since hence the actor has a lot to answer to. The previously famed and respected entertainer was dragged for filth due to his misconduct and canceled on all fronts.

We expect more details on this later as the trial is expected to begin this fall.