Disney and LucasFilm Ltd. came together to announce the unveiling an entirely brand new Star Wars saga entitled, Star Wars: The High Republic. This original legend will take place following The Rise of Skywalker and the completion of the Skywalker saga. The High Republic saga is an entirely new narrative that takes place a total of 200 hundred years prior to the initial prequel film, Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace (1999).  Disney & LucasFilm Announce "Star Wars: The High Republic" Saga

Leon Neal/Getty Images

The Star Wars: The High Republic saga will be at the peak of the Jedi Orders dynasty as they are in total command of the Galactic Empire and served as the "guardians of peace and justice" throughout the galaxy. However, the Jedi Order will face some worthy adversaries in the form of the Nihil, 'space Vikings' that live on the periphery of the Galactic Empire as described by the saga's creators. An entirely new array of various smugglers, bounty hunters, and characters will be highlighted throughout this new prepubescent era of the Star Wars universe. 

The initial phase of The High Republic era will take place in the form of five literary pieces; a young adult novel entitled Into the Dark, a middle-school book A Test of Courage, a comic book series The High Republic Adventures, an additional comic book series from Marvel called The High Republic, and lastly a book called The Light of the Jedi. All of these will be announced in August at the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim convention. 

With more movies in the works and the brand being more lucrative than ever, the Star Wars: The High Republic saga has the opportunity to create an entirely brand new generation of fans for years to come. 

Check out the official Disney & LucasFilm Ltd. Star Wars: The High Republic saga announcement in the video provided below.