Even though millions of people across the country are currently being vaccinated to prevent the spread of COVID-19, restrictions and social distancing measures are still tightening in some parts of the country. Disney World, which gets millions of visitors every year, are tightening their face covering rules to be stricter on what people can do in their restaurants.

The wording of the rule was only slightly changed, but many customers have noted the rule’s impact. It reads that face coverings, "...can only be removed while actively eating or drinking. Face coverings must be worn while standing, waiting or sitting in dining locations." 

Disney World
Kent Phillips/Walt Disney World Resort via Getty Images

The rule used to say, "masks may be removed when seated while eating or drinking," which visitors thought meant that as soon as they sat down at their table to eat, they were able to remove their face covering. This is how people have been interpreting the rule since Disney World reopened, but now it seems that even if you are seated at your table, you must leave your face covering on when you are not actively eating or drinking at that moment. 

Some customers were outraged by this change, writing, “This is ridiculous...seriously? What, so now I need to put my mask on in between bites?”

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