Disney is slowly building their own Marvel themed sections to their worldwide parks. Their move ultimately begs the question: What will Universal Studios and Disneyland do about their use of the Marvel universe? Universal Studios has a lucrative contract to use Marvel's characters, but Disney's acquisition of Marvel causes the entire endeavor to be muddled in confusion. Still, Disney isn't going to let a billion-dollar business go without being integrated into their park. 

Richard Harbaugh/Disneyland Resort via Getty Images

Disneyland Paris has revealed their new Marvel-themed park section, and it looks similar to early images of Disney's California venture. In the center of the picture, an actor dressed as Thor greets a family. Just to the left of him, Black Panther and Black Widow spring to action from a parked Jeep. Above them, Spider-Man is preparing to swing into action. A building labeled PYM displays atoms and presumably the particles that help Ant-Man to change his size. The expansion in the park will cost an estimated  €2 billion, and will continue to grow with new rides and attractions for years to come. California's Disneyland is currently building their Marvel-themed section as well, which is slated to be completed by Summer 2020.