Disneyland just dropped major dollars to launch a park extension. Following the recent opening of the Star Wars-themed park in California, Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, the business company announced it would be working on doing something similar, but with the world of Marvel Comics. According to People, the company just filed a construction permit for a 2020 project inspired by the Marvel Comics, precisely a new amusement park which will be home to attractions tied to Marvel comics and movies. The Los Angeles Times further reported that the construction permits obtained detail work which exceeds $14 million dollars to have refurbished bathrooms, a microbrewery built and construct an area for guests to meet their favorite superhero characters. 

Moreover, the permits also indicate that the city approved a 2,071-square-foot merchandise outlet. The new land will take over a portion of A Bug's Land, which closed back in September and was inspired by the 1998 movie, A Bug's Life. Thus far, a temporary wall has been set-up to hint at the oncoming project by displaying the words "Stark Industries," -- in honor of Iron Man Tony Stark's fictional business. Disney officials declined to comment on any other features of the land, but fans can surely expect quite the amusement park.